We write about language, food, and culture, and specialize in cookbooks and cooking shows. Here is a listing of our publications in academic journals and in the media.

Academic journals

(2017). Women’s language in female celebrity chef cookbooks. Celebrity Studies.

(2017). Self-deprecatory humor on TV cooking shows. Language & Communication, 56, 33-41.

(2017). Language and gender in female celebrity chef cookbooks: Cooking to show care for the family and for the self. Critical Discourse Studies 10(4), 1-16.

(2017). Cooking at home: A multimodal narrative analysis of the Food Network. Discourse, Context, & Media. 17, 20-29.

(2016). Multimodal legitimation strategies on tv cooking shows. Multimodal Communication.  ISSN (Online) 2230-6587, ISSN (Print) 2230-6579, DOI: 10.1515/mc-2016-0020, November.

(2015). East meets West: The discourse of Japanese American cookbooks as intercultural communication. Journal of Intercultural Communication. (39).

(2015). Inquiry in television cooking shows. Discourse & Communication, 9:2 (313-330).

(2014). Storytelling and synthetic personalization in television cooking shows. Journal of Pragmatics, 71 (151-159).

(2009). The role of women in contemporary Spanish immigration films. In Pablo Martinez-Diente and David Wiseman (Eds), Border Crossing.VA: Vanderbilt University.

(2004). College-aged identical twins’ relationship with each other and their families. In Russell S. Faeges (Ed.), Sociological Voices, 2. IN: University of Notre Dame.

In the Media

5 Tips to Help Your Twins Be Best of Friends

Independent Florida Alligator– Avenue Writers, 2014-2015