Kelsi and Keri

About K & K Writing and Recipes

K & K is a blog that explores food, culture, and society. Our writings are based on our linguistics background and writing experience. Our recipes are creative, fast, and easy with vegetable-packed dishes and healthy baking.

Images: sourced from websites with free photos- Pixabay, Pexel, PicJumbo, and Flikr. We try to give credit to the photographer whenever possible. Our goal is to offer you our own photos and we’re practicing with a borrowed Nikon 7000, but the learning curve is steep!

About Keri and Kelsi

Hi, we’re Keri and Kelsi Matwick, identical twin sisters and linguists who have a passion for transforming talkers and writers into inspiring communicators. We combine this passion with our love of food and cooking to apply a relatable approach to teaching writing and cooking.

We are currently teaching English Writing at the University of Florida and are dedicated to helping students develop their writing skills and critical thinking.

We received PhDs in Linguistics at the University of Florida (2016). Kelsi’s dissertation examined language and gender in cookbooks by female celebrity chefs while Keri’s examined storytelling and performance on cooking shows.

Our initial education training is in Spanish language and literature with a BA and MA from the University of Notre Dame. We have studied abroad in Spain on several occasions and traveled extensively to other Spanish-speaking countries. We also studied French, art, and history in Paris, and researched language acquisition in Montpellier, France. We will research and teach English for Tourism in Tegulcigalpa, Honduras for Keri’s Fulbright Scholar Fellowship for 6 months in 2018.

We have eight years of teaching at the undergraduate level: two years of Spanish and six of English Academic Writing and Professional Communication. We have a Foreign Language Teaching Certificate and a Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate.

We are United States Air Force veterans and served active duty as Personnel Officers at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska, 2005-2008. We worked with an F-16 jet squadron and the base personnel center. We were Reservists until 2015 when we separated as Captains (O-3).

We are skilled at web design and earned a graduate certificate in Web Design and Online Communication at the University of Florida, 2016.

We are musicians and have performed violin and piano duets many weddings and ceremonies.

Specialties: discourse analysis; media and cultural studies; writing development; cookbooks, cooking, and food!